Mar 14

How to Draw an Apple- Illustration Technique (Color Pencils and Markers)

Link- Supplies I Use- Facebook: Twitter: This video shows my process for making an illustration. I use prismacolor illustration markers for the first layer and color pencils (prisma once again) and a wax blending stick for the second layer. I make my illustrations in two steps. Step 1- I observe my reference drawings or photos and try to see what lies beneath. There is no way to blend markers in the same way that one can blend paint (ironically even with a marker blender) so I lie down the base tones with markers (the first layer). Step 2- Is created with color pencils. Color pencils are mixable / blendable and I mix the color pencils directly above my marker drawing. I use the wax stick to finish the surface and tie everything together. – Merrill Kazanjian 0:13 Take a second to observe the colors lying beneath the surface. 1.)Yellow/green/orange at the top 2.) Orange top/middle 3.) Brownish purple in the shadow on the left. 4.) Strong red on the right side. Everywhere else (but the red) is lower in chroma (intensity of color) 0:20- I start my drawing with the yellowed orange marker from prismacolor. I try to match the undertone. 0:38 I use marker color Apple Green at the top of the apple 0:48 I use the color Mahogany Red to add the general shape and color of the shadows 1:02 I use the marker Poppy Red to create the high chroma red on the area next to the highlight. 1:20 Now I use Tuscan Red to adjust the shadow. This –”Miki Falls” manga creator Mark Crilley presents a video showing various illustration techniques used while working on an actual illustration for an upcoming chapter book.
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