Speed Drawing/Painting Comic Book Art

Speed Drawing/Painting Comic Book Art The Elmhurst Historical Museum in Elmhurst Illinois exhibit for comic book and pop culture fans called “The Drawn-Out History of Comic Books Exhibit” June 19, 2009 – September 6, 2009 www.elmhurst.org The exhibit partially featured a display with a time-elapsed depiction showing how comic book artists Jill Thompson (Magic Trixie), Bill Reinhold (Batman), and Doug Klauba (Phantom) draw or paint their art for a comic book page or cover. Each artist was filmed for 60-90 minutes. The curator of the exhibit Lance Tawzer filmed Jill and Bill’s segments. All three artists are American Academy of Art in Chicago graduates. www.aaart.edu jillthompson.blogspot.com billreinhold.deviantart.com www.douglasklauba.com

ESP Guitars LTD MHB400 - Comic Art Speed Painting on Guitar

Customized LTD MHB400 model Guitar being airbrushed for display at the NAMM Show 2009. The graphic features artwork based on Issue 1 of the Eternal Descent comic book, by Llexi Leon and Jason Metcalf.
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37 thoughts on “Speed Drawing/Painting Comic Book Art

  1. Some wondered what mediums were being used. Jill Thompson is using watercolor. Bill (me) Reinhold is using ink and gouache, and Doug Klauba is using (I’m pretty sure) acrylics.

  2. Wonder musical score for this video. Thanks for sharing. I got some great painting techneques out of it. Thank you.

  3. I agree, it looked better in black and white. The color was cool too, but is hiding many of the finer lines. I am sure it looks better in person though. I love these ESP guitars though, even the stock guitars come with cool paint..

  4. @Fatalyze666 go for it mate. Got loads of airbrushing tutorials on my youtube channel if you want to give it a go. Good luck with it if you do.

  5. @MotoKing117 yep (although i dont own this guitar). Been playing on and off for 16 years now. Im no guitar god but i can get by ;)

  6. you should’ve drawn on the guitar in the picture the same design that’s on the real guitar. lol

  7. now THAT is epic! beautiful work! ^^
    thinking i should go into airbrushing, if only for the sake of applying my own art to my guitars :P

  8. i wounder if this guy got high of the fumes from being this close tho the guitar