Pop Art Speed Painting – Ray Charles

Pop Art Speed Painting - Ray Charles

First of all, “thanks” to allllllll people out there supporting me. I really appreciate your interest. Thanks for all the comments and messages!!! Todays painting is about my favourite musician, Ray Charles. He is my absolute favourite as he has the coolest voice i’ve ever heard. In case you don’t know him you really really MUST listen to some of his songs. Since many people seemed to be interested in buying my paintings i decided to put this one on eBay. You can find it searching for my ID “nibrasso” or under this link: search.ebay.com The song is “Mess Around” by (who else) Ray Charles! Take care, nibrasso

25 thoughts on “Pop Art Speed Painting – Ray Charles

  1. I find that often with pop art that people seem to just imitate the style and they all produce the same repeated product. I find that with your work though, there is a true passion and a love of the style which shines through strongly into the finished product. I figured that I would post this comment here because this is my favourite video of yours because of the energy it has to it. Haven’t put up a new video in a while, I hope your doing well as I look forward to seeing more amazing art.

  2. omg lol it looked like a penguin at first, but it came out really good!
    nice job!!

  3. Great Video! I love Ray Charles’ Music and your videos and Paintings! Thanks for Posting!
    - – - Cody.