Mitch Hedberg – A Comic Genius

Mitch Hedberg - A Comic Genius

One of the best stand up comics. The delivery is original and the jokes are brilliant. Though he died at a young age, his comic legacy lives on! Hats off to you my man – Mitch Hedberg! Twitter:

The hottest comic book super girls as voted by YOU. Think this list missed someone? Let us know in the comments!
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50 thoughts on “Mitch Hedberg – A Comic Genius

  1. @xxLumbagoxxx “Look, I did not lose a leg in Vietnam so I could serve hotdogs to teenagers,”
    “You have both your legs Frank,”
    “Like I said I did not lose a leg in Vietnam!”

  2. @TWITCH772 Sorry you lack a sense of humor. This guy makes amazing observational jokes.

  3. Absolutely love his style. It’s pure comedic genius. Hope you’re giving em hell up there! ;)

  4. Damn why do the good comics die Carlin,hicks,Geraldo,Mitch, I mean can someone shoot Dane cook hes not even funny,he just screams and Jeff foxworthy’s “you might be a redneck if…” its just catch phrases :/ Damn im losing hope for humanity, im gonna become a Turian they have Reach and flexibility lol

  5. didnt even crack a smile. sounds too much like steven wright but shittier. RIP regaurdless. 

  6. him and demetri martin are probably the worst comics. his jokes are like jimmy o south park. ppl laugh because he is handicap and is trying. his jokes are pathetic. and his delivery is fuckin stupid. has anyone actually laughed at his jokes.

  7. @08hosavp Yes, and luckily, he is actually worthy of standing in his shoes, and that’s damn impressive! :) Of course, no one can ever really compare to Mitch. Which jokes did he re-arrange, btw?

  8. He’s a funny guy I really loved his jokes but he has a strange delivery… It sounds way too rehearsed. Too bad he’s gone though…

  9. @PECCEP88 I didnt say i thought i could do any better. Im just saying that I PERSONALY dont find it funny. That doesnt mean hes not good. 1.5 million views? U gotta be good!

  10. 0:40 She said “We all want what we can’t have”. I was staring at those tig ol’ bitties.

  11. why are all the picks from marvel and dc, where’s image and darkhorse. Like what about avengelyne. She’s hot!

  12. As an older guy I am not into (or all that familiar with ) some of the new girls. My favorite growing up was The Scarlett Witch. Always had a soft spot for redheads :) Vampirella was hot too.

  13. of course catwoman’s the hottest.. she doesn’t show much skin like the others.. and her suit’s skintight.. leaving the rest to imagination ;)

  14. i used to have a roommate that looked like ursula the sea witch from the little mermaid. I realize rhis comment doesn’t really fit in this thread. penis.

  15. It amazing how in both this and “Who is the Hottest Comic Book Girl? ” peoples are writing down the host instead of the comic book characters? Note to self:If your going to make a list on who the hottest person dont pick someone else who is hot to be the host

  16. Wow, Damn Girl… If You Were A Comic Book Girl You Better Know Who Would Be In First Place Then… (Hint Hint… You ^_^)

  17. your the hottest one :) hehehe i think the hottest one is electra and wonder woman for me…