25 thoughts on “Comic Style Painting with Photoshop

  1. don’t forget the wacom tablet. that plays a big part. you can do all that with just the mouse but the wacom tablet will help with the precision and free hand technique. plus the original drawing was amazing too, which i assume he drew himself. but yea it’s amazing how lasso and brush can make something so amazing like that

  2. @JustSketch1 lol the secret? it’s hours and hours of practice… there’s no C for color bro! it’s hard work and alot of dedication

  3. @JustSketch1 if you want to understand more this whole comic painting style search ” patrick brown artwork tutorial ”
    but it’s really simple he mostly used the lasso tool and the soft brush

  4. @DarkStormLee The lights layer is just a rasterized gradient with some tonality brushed into it

  5. For the first 24 seconds of the video, does anyone know how to create that “lights” layer?

  6. @wvhoblol That’s how the industry pros are doing it and it gives a nice sharper look to the colors. But there are definitely other ways to do it. If you ever look up Nei Ruffino, she uses more of an airbrush looking method. Yet even she’ll use the lasso for things. It’s actually very helpful.

  7. Interesting way to color. Seems unnecessarily burdensome to use the lasso tool like that though.

  8. Hey guys we’re starting a new drawing tutorial channel named Sketch Maniacs! . We just put up our first video about drawing the female face and how to draw Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four. We would love for you guys to check us out and just to keep us drawing weekly we would love for you guys to suggest whatever you would want us to draw or try to make a tutorial out of.

  9. So there’s a second collor after the shadow and the highlights………….hhhhhhhmmmm, interesting…….thank you!

  10. @JustSketch1 This is all pretty basic Photoshop stuff explained in other tutorials, which you can find just about anywhere. Not just on YouTube. The big difference with this one is that it’s been sped up, so you can see the full process of actual work. Whereas with other tutorials, you’re only going to see a few demo steps, but not hours and hours of work. Which wouldn’t be practical.

    Note, there’s multiple ways to do what he’s doing. And none of them are right, or wrong. Just preference.

  11. guys can you give me any tips how im going to color my art please check that out im not kidding ive been a penciler for almost 7 years and still dont know how to color using photoshop my pal who colors my art is retired i need a good tutorial heres my web harveyfenelleredotdeviantartdotcom let me know what you think.. go to gallery and see my art right there..any tutorial will help me!!! regards!! harvey.

  12. …I think I’m gonna stick with penciling and inking lol. But I’m kinda learnin how to use photoshop at school. I suck at it though.