Apr 13

Philip Glass On Legacy: 'The Future … It's All Around Us'

Philip Glass On Legacy: 'The Future … It's All Around Us'
And someone jumped on the stage and began banging on the piano and, without thinking about it, I stood up and I punched him on the jaw or something, just like the comic books, and he fell off the stage. People came afterwards to say hello and the …
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100 Great Children's Picture Books – highlights from 1922-2011
… Martin Salisbury. 'He gave voice to African-American childhood in a way that had not been seen before. He was born in Brooklyn in 1916, to poor Polish-Jewish immigrant parents and spent several years as a studio comic-book artist, drawing …
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Apr 11

The Human Condition: Ex Machina writer/director Alex Garland on robots, sex

The Human Condition: Ex Machina writer/director Alex Garland on robots, sex
Despite having penned lauded screenplays with heaps of distinctive style (28 Days Later, Dredd, Never Let Me Go), Garland only recently jumped to the director's chair with Ex Machina, making its North American premiere at SXSW 2015. Glowing …. "There …
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Jill Thompson And Grant Morrison's Wonder Woman Books Get Scheduled
WONDER WOMAN: THE VERY SELFISH PRINCESS is Jill Thompson's storybook style reimagining of the early years of the Amazon Princess Diana, who would grow up to become Wonder Woman. This fully painted graphic novel is unlike any Wonder Woman … PRINCESS …
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Furious 7, Woman in Gold and While We're Young: reviews
They set up mano-a-mano fights for Jason with Vin and later Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Just like in a comic book. This is also Paul Walker's last film. The actor died half-way through filming and his two brothers and some computer work finished his …
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Apr 08

Speed Painting – Comic Style

Auf Papier gezeichnet, in Illustrator übertragen und ausgemalt. Dauer insgesamt: ca. 16 Stunden über mehrere Tage. Musik Brad Sucks – Dropping Out Of School.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Check out my art on etsy: http://www.etsy.c/shop/GaryShipmanArtStore?ref=seller_info This video shows my working process from start to finish, I really enjoy drawing Batman and wanted to…

Apr 06

Former U.S. Army Ranger’s Story Will Encourage Americans to ‘Face their PHears” for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA)

Silver Spring, Md. (PRWEB) April 02, 2015

When he was 10, Carl Hicks fell from a tree and seriously fractured his left wrist. The tumble left him so afraid of heights that he couldnt stand on a kitchen chair to get a glass from the cupboard.

Nearly a decade later, the U.S. Army Ranger School forced Hicks to face his fear head-on. He recalls scaling a several hundred-foot high granite cliff wall, one of the schools many harrowing exercises simulating actual combat situations. With his face close to the rock, concealing his uncontrollable tears, Hicks sweaty fingertips gripped the slippery stone until he finally reached the overhang.

Hicks leaned on his Ranger training throughout his career. But the biggest test of his courage came in his personal life when doctors diagnosed his 13-year-old daughter, Meaghan, with pulmonary hypertension, or PH, in 1994. The debilitating lung disease can lead to right heart failure. For the next 14 years, Col. Hicks and his family were on the battlefield with Meaghan until she lost her fight against the disease in

January 2009.

Today, at age 61, in Meaghans honor, Hicks, now Executive Vice President at the Pulmonary Hypertension Association(PHA), continues to combat the disease. In an April 11 Face Your PHears fundraiser for PHAs Lone Star Chapter, Hicks will rappel Over the Edge more than 350 feet down the 29-story Four Seasons Hotel Houston. Hell do it wearing a zebra costume to illustrate that just as a zebras hoof beats might sounds similar to a horses hoof beats, PH is a life-threatening disease with symptoms similar to more common ailments like asthma and sleep apnea. With symptoms that include breathlessness, fatigue, dizziness and chest pain, many patients see three or more doctors before they get the right diagnosis.

Hicks participation in the Face Your PHears fundraiser has given it a surprising head start. The Four Seasons Hotel Houston is underwriting some of the event cost, along with providing in-kind support. When PHAs Lone Star Chapter first approached the propertys public relations director Laura Pettitt about hosting the event, Pettitt was already familiar with the disease as one of her neighbors and close friends from high school, back in Gig Harbor, Wash., lost her life to PH. That friend, coincidentally, was none other than Meaghan Hicks, Carl Hicks daughter. It came as an incredible coincidence to Pettitt and PHA staff.

In conjunction with the Houston event, PHA is launching a Face Your PHears social media drive, asking Americans to post a selfie with a message about how theyre facing their PHears and make a donation to PHA to give hope to thousands of PH patients who Face their PHears every day. PHA relies on donations to fund PH patient and family support; early diagnosis education; specialty care resources; and research to find ways to prevent and cure PH. To support Hicks fundraising efforts as he goes Over the Edge, go to


About the Pulmonary Hypertension Association

Headquartered in Silver Spring, Md., with a growing list of chapters across the country, the Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) is the countrys leading pulmonary hypertension organization. Its mission is to find ways to prevent and cure pulmonary hypertension and provide hope for the community through support, education, research, advocacy and awareness. PHA does this by connecting and working together with the entire PH community of patients, families and medical professionals. Among its programs, PHA facilitates more than 245 support groups around the country and delivers continuing education for medical professionals. Learn how you can join the fight against PH at PHAssociation.org.

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