Aug 07

Roxana Saberi to Host Game Changer Series Event Focused on the Middle East

Bismarck, ND (PRWEB) August 05, 2014

Journalist Roxana Saberi will host the states first Game Changer Series event on October 9, 2104, in Fargo, North Dakota. Saberi, who grew up in Fargo, moved to Iran in 2003 to work as the Iran correspondent for the U.S.-based Feature Story News. She filed reports for organizations such as NPR, BBC, ABC Radio and Fox News and was working on a book about Iran when she was arrested on January 31, 2009. Saberi was later sentenced to eight years in prison on a charge of espionage, which was later determined to be patently false. She recounts her ordeal in the book Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in Iran.

Building on critical themes in the book, the event is entitled, Between Two Worlds: America and the Middle East, and focuses on the political unrest that continues to take violent form in many countries of the Middle East as everyday people fight for the freedom and justice many Americans take for granted. The outcomes of these conflicts will forever alter the economic, political, and social landscape of the region and force America to renegotiate our relationship with this part of the world as the pace of globalization accelerates.

Established by the North Dakota Humanities Council, the Game Changer Series is an annual event that focuses on a major event or idea that is significantly changing the face of our world and invites people close to the action to share their stories. It is an once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet people living deeply meaningful lives committed to change and innovation for a better, more prosperous world.

We have gathered an extraordinary group of men and women journeying between America and the Middle East in the roles of journalist, marine, political exile, children’s book author, immigrant, Islamic convert, poet, human rights advocate, comic book writer and more, says NDHC executive director Brenna Daugherty Gerhardt. Their stories of courage and compassion amid war and conflict will bring home the reality half a world away.

To purchase tickets or learn more about the event visit,

Between Two Worlds: America and the Middle East

October 9, 2014 Fargo Theatre


Roxana Saberi, An American Journalist Taken Hostage in Iran


Josh Rushing, Journalist and Marine Corps Veteran of the Iraq War

G. Willow Wilson, The Voice Behind the First Female Muslim Superhero

Tamim Ansary, A Childrens Book Writer from Afghanistan Transformed by 9/11

Roya Hakakian, A Political Exile Fighting for Human Rights in Iran

Lahab Assef Al-Jundi, The Son of an Acclaimed Syrian Activist Finding His Own Legacy

Naomi Shihab Nye, A Wandering Poet Telling Palestines Hidden Stories

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Jul 28

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Jul 19

New Xara Photo and Graphic Designer v10

(PRWEB) July 17, 2014

Xara announces the release of the latest new version of their creative design and photo editing software, Xara Photo and Graphic Designer v10 – an easy-to-use program that provides all the tools for a range of graphic design and photo editing tasks. Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is ideal for any graphics enthusiast, small company or academic user.

New shadow and highlight tools provide the user with precise editing control over specific areas of their photo that are in deep shadow or bright light. Bundled with this release is a new Photoshop plug-in called PhotoLooks from Red Giant (previously sold by Red Giant for $ 199) for users wishing to intensify the mood of their photo via various color and lighting effects or adding a popular film look from soft lighting to Hollywood drama. The plug-in includes over 100 pre-sets inspired by real commercial projects, from wedding vignettes to popular cinematic looks.

A new way to enhance by color provides a way to selectively enhance or process areas in an image based on its color. So for example, users can just click on the sky, and all similar blue areas are now active, and further adjustment of any photo enhance control (e.g. brightness levels, saturation, blur/sharpen, tinting, re-coloring etc) will now apply to all those blue areas.

Xara SmartShapes are a new and innovative way to draw aesthetically attractive shapes on a document, that require no knowledge of any drawing tools, and furthermore, they remain fully customizable. Users can quickly and easily create and edit some of the most commonly required shapes. The library of SmartShapes will grow over time, but starts with text panels, speech bubbles, arrows and more. Xara has also introduced a quick and easy way to insert graphical symbols from a large and growing Font Awesome selection.

The automatic panorama stitching has been improved to automatically detect the position of stitched images and it also produces higher quality results. This release also includes a new online content catalog, support for the automatic rotation of images from iPhones and other cameras with orientation sensors, a new insert menu, improved import/export support for .doc and .docx files, RTF files, and significantly improved PDF import that allows almost all PDF files to be edited.

Charles Moir, Founder and Managing Director said, “Photo & Graphic Designer is different and superior to standard photo editors because it’s not only a great photo editing tool but its also combined with powerful vector graphics and illustration tools.”

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 10 costs just $ 89.99 for US customers,

Jul 17

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