Nov 20

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(Photo illustration by: Nick Wanserski)
Not content with simply selling cassette tapes and vinyl records alongside $ 100 sweaters with holes in them, faux-bohemian retail chain Urban Outfitters is apparently planning to corner the market on all the things that hip youngsters like to get …
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Victorian illustrators imagined a Skype-like service over 100 years before it
The illustration shows a mother and father who sit at home and talk with their children, Beatrice and Charlie. After they set up an "electric camera obscura over their bedroom mantelpiece," the father asks his daughter about the "charming young lady …
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Majority of online shoppers expected to turn to Amazon for holiday buying
GeekWire illustration Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos should be smiling this holiday season. GeekWire illustration. It looks like Amazon is set to have another killer holiday season, as a majority of shoppers plan to turn to the the Seattle-based retailer for …
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This Man's Name Got Him Banned From Facebook, So He Took Drastic Measures To
A 3D plastic representation of the Facebook logo is seen in this illustration in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 13, 2015. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvic). 4794709. Imagine being banned from Facebook because no one believes your name is your real name, …
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Nov 13

Early stars found swirling in the Milky Way center

Early stars found swirling in the Milky Way center
supernova explosion illustration. KABOOM A huge supernova explosion, or hypernova (as seen in this artist's illustration), could have spawned some of the galaxy's oldest stars, which researchers found orbiting the Milky Way's central bulge. ESO. EMail …
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Taste-testing eighteen Portland-made hams. (Illustration by Caleb Misclevitz)
The modern Portland shopper faces a crisis of near-infinite hams. With dozens of local, national and international hams available at one's fingertips, how is the savvy consumer to determine what to serve as the centerpiece of their non-denominational …
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Oct 26

A flair for success; Local artist turning heads with her fashion illustrations

A flair for success; Local artist turning heads with her fashion illustrations
Methuen native Jamel Saliba's fashion illustrations are winning her notice from national retailers, including Marshalls, TJ Maxx, DSW and Hallmark. Her designs, featured on prints, planners, coasters and more, are also sold online. A flair for success …
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To view the rankings of the best 3D animation companies visit:
The primary goal of is to identify the most well-known 3D illustration and animation services the web design industry has to offer. The rankings provide buyers of these solutions with a listing of services which provide the …
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Oct 07

Alex Ross Cover For 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Features 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi

Alex Ross Cover For 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Features 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi
Ross is most well-known for his realistic illustrations that often end up as cover art on comic books for both Marvel and DC. He has also drawn covers for TV Guide, as well as promotional art for the Academy Awards and covers for video games. He's even …
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Thor's Comic Review Column – The F1rst Hero: Fight For Your Life #1-2
Last month had seen Zabbal's first mass-published comics work in Action Lab's F1rst Hero: Fight For Your Life #1 (the second issue went on sale this past week), and with it I found a brand new artist to add to my tightly controlled list of favourites …
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Striking art brings fresh light to capital street scenes
In one painting to be exhibited, the artist's own customised tuk-tuk, which doubles as a food and beverage stand, passes in front of a psychedelic Aeon Mall. Driving the portable snack shack is a … It is this mixing of the normal and the abnormal …
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